* 1. What would you say are the most pressing issues in your community?

* 2. If you are involved with an organization, are there outcomes your organization is working toward that relate to healthy communities?

* 3. Do you promote or support healthy communities in your work?

* 4. What challenges have you encountered in your efforts to promote healthy communities?

* 5. In what ways have you connected with OHCC? (check all that apply)

* 6. Why did you connect with OHCC?

* 7. Have you, your organization or community benefited from your connection to OHCC?

* 8. If yes to Question #7,  are there other organizations from which you receive similar benefits?

* 9. If you had to pick only one specific service that OHCC could provide that would support you, your organization or your community to improve the quality of life in your community, what would it be?

* 10. Is there anything about OHCC you think should be changed?

* 11. What political, economic, social or technological trends do you think might have an impact on OHCC within the next 5 years?

* 12. Please share any other suggestions or comments you have about OHCC’s future directions.

100% of survey complete.