Advisor professional learning standards provide clear and specific performance expectations for DECA chapter advisors and will provide DECA a framework to design its advisor training programs. We are asking chapter advisors to identify where in the DECA advisor career continuum the standard would be first demonstrated/needed by the advisor. Descriptions of the career continuums are provided for you.

Prerequisite (PQ):
  • Employability and job-survival skills and concepts as a beginning DECA advisor.
  • Advisors with 0-1 years of experience
Career-Sustaining (CS):
  • Skills and knowledge needed for continued employment as a DECA advisor based on the application of basic curriculum and instruction techniques.
  • Advisors with 2-3 years of experience
Specialist (SP):
  • In-depth, solid understanding and skill development in all aspects of serving as a DECA advisor.
  • Advisors with 4+ years of experience
Mastery (MA):
  • Expert understanding of the concept that can only be gained with multiple experiences; can explain, demonstrate and model for other chapter advisors.
  • Advisors with 5+ years of experience


  1. The Advisor Professional Learning Standards is comprised of six main categories. The entire document is available here if you wish to quickly review it for context. 
  2. In order to facilitate the highest-quality review possible, we have divided the categories into smaller parts for review. Your survey provides you with a specific part of the standards document to review and provide feedback.
  3. Based on your experience, please identify where in the career continuum each learning standard is the best fit. If you do not think the professional learning standard is necessary, please mark "Not Necessary." If you do not have experience with the standard or prefer not to respond, please mark "No opinion."

If you have any questions, please e-mail Dr. Michelle Walker, DECA Professional Learning Consultant.

Question Title


  Not necessary  Prerequisite (PQ) 0-1 Career-Sustaining (CS) 2-3 Specialist (SP) 4+ Mastery (MA) 5+ No opinion
Explain the knowledge and skills learned in DECA’s Challenges.
Explain how each challenge has a unique focus and specific set of required tasks.
Integrate DECA challenges into classroom instruction.

Question Title


  Not necessary  Prerequisite (PQ) 0-1 Career-Sustaining (CS) 2-3 Specialist (SP) 4+ Mastery (MA) 5+ No opinion
Explain the components of DECA’s Chapter Campaigns.
Engage members in DECA’s Membership Campaign to help your chapter grow and earn recognition.
Utilize DECA’s Global Entrepreneurship Week Campaign to celebrate Global Entrepreneur-ship by conducting school or community outreach activities and share alumni entrepreneur success stories and earn recognition.
Utilize DECA’s Promotional Campaign to promote how the chapter has a positive impact on their school and community and earn recognition.
Utilize DECA’s Community Service Campaign to engage chapter members in community ser-vice activities and earn recognition.
Utilize DECA’s Advocacy Campaign to engage chapter members in school, public policy and community outreach activities and earn recognition.

Question Title


  Not necessary  Prerequisite (PQ) 0-1 Career-Sustaining (CS) 2-3 Specialist (SP) 4+ Mastery (MA) 5+ No opinion
Communicate the importance of DECA educational conferences and their connection to unique opportunities that extend classroom learning.
Explain the four major types of educational conferences that bring DECA members into the larger DECA community.
Extend learning beyond the classroom with educational conferences.
Integrate educational conferences into the chapter program of leadership.
Encourage students to engage with corporate professionals to learn industry-related trends and content at educational conferences or events.
Develop instructional activities for before, during and after educational conferences to connect conference activities to learner outcomes.
Help DECA members understand the responsibility required for educational travel and participation at educational conferences.
Model the diverse roles required of advisors and DECA educational conferences.

Question Title


  Not necessary  Prerequisite (PQ) 0-1 Career-Sustaining (CS) 2-3 Specialist (SP) 4+ Mastery (MA) 5+ No opinion
Discuss the components of DECA’s Emerging Leader Series.
Utilize Emerging Leader Series online modules to help members practice effective leadership.
Utilize Emerging Leader Series at educational conferences to help members practice effective leadership.
Illustrate the diverse leadership knowledge and skills needed for effective leadership teams.
Provide opportunities for chapter officer teams to demonstrate effective and appropriate leadership as a result of participation in the Emerging Leader Series.

Question Title


  Not necessary  Prerequisite (PQ) 0-1 Career-Sustaining (CS) 2-3 Specialist (SP) 4+ Mastery (MA) 5+ No opinion
Explain the DECA partnerships with businesses, foundations, associations, colleges and universities.
Describe ways DECA partnerships provide visibility and support to DECA’s mission.
Guide members in identifying which partners provide scholarships, internships and work experience.
Establish DECA partnerships with local businesses and non-profit organizations to support DECA’s mission.
Connect with DECA partners for classroom presentations, career guidance or community service activities when appropriate.

Question Title


  Not necessary  Prerequisite (PQ) 0-1 Career-Sustaining (CS) 2-3 Specialist (SP) 4+ Mastery (MA) 5+ No opinion
Explain the realistic and practical learning experiences that reinforce classroom instruction.
Illustrate how SBEs are managed and operated by students as hands-on learning laboratories
Create opportunities for members to participate in an entrepreneurial operation in a school setting to provide practical learning experiences.
Integrate school-based enterprises as a hands-on learning laboratory to reinforce classroom instruction
Develop a standards-based assessment for measuring mastery of performance indicators through school-based enterprises.
Develop an assessment program for evaluating 21st Century and workplace readiness skills through school-based enterprise managers and employees.
Assist student members in participating in the SBE certification program.

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* 7. Please provide any additional suggestions or feedback for the advisor professional learning standards above. Also, if you believe there should be any additional performance indicators related to these standards, please share.

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* 9. How many years have you served as a DECA advisor?