The results of this, our third annual survey of readers, will be published in the June 15, 2018 Special Edition of Public Utilities Fortnightly. Thanks for sharing your insights!

* 1. Rate how confident you are that the electric industry is on the right track.

* 2. Please share just one word that best describes how you see the state of the industry today.

* 3. Please rank these stakeholders in order of importance to utilities in successfully navigating industry transformation.

* 4. How well aligned is current utility regulation with the realities of the industry today?

* 5. How disruptive are these trends to the traditional utility business models?

  Minor Noticeable Significant Shattering
Declining load growth
Deep de-carbonization requirements
Low population growth
Distributed generation plus storage
Electrification of transportation and heating
Customer access to new energy and non-energy offerings

* 6. How should utilities prioritize the following challenges ahead of 2030?

  Wait-and-see Immediately
Decline of central station generation business
Transmission constraints
Grid reliability
Resiliency of energy supply
Existing regulatory model and rate structures

* 7. How soon should the power industry adapt to a clean, intelligent, mobile, and distributed grid?

* 10. Looking ahead, how likely is it that these industry actors will compete directly with utilities for revenue?

  Highly UN-likely Highly likely
Oil and gas majors (e.g., Total, Shell)
Global energy companies (e.g., Entel, EDF, AES)
Telcos (e.g., Verizon, AT&T, Nokia)
Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon
Automotive OEMs (e.g., Tesla, Ford)
DER aggregators (e.g., Solar City, Sonnen)

* 11. Rate utilities' potential to grow revenue and extend customer value in these areas.

  A sucker's bet Our best bet
Electrification of transportation
Energy storage
Distributed Generation
Advanced data analytics
Transactive energy
Machine learning and artificial intelligence
Augmented and virtual reality
Robotics and drones
Internet of Things
Distributed network solutions

* 12. Which of these areas offer utilities the best way to prepare their organizations for sustained future growth?

  Low potential High potential
Decarbonization and sustainability
Electrification of transportation
Energy as a service
Workforce development
Integrated DER
Smart Cities
Transactive energy
Internet of Energy (both sides of meter)
Neutral grid
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