* 1. How often do you sign in when you come to the Learning Commons?

* 2. Are the hours of the Learning Commons convenient for your schedule?

* 3. Please rate how often you use the Learning Commons during the semester for the following services:

  Frequently: More than once a week Sometimes: 2-4 times per month Seldom: Less than 3 times per semester
Computer Use
Disability Services
The Writing Center
Blackboard/SIS assistance
Independent Study
Taking Tests

* 4. How helpful do you find the services offered in the Learning Commons?

* 5. Do you find that the Learning Commons staff are able to answer your questions regarding services and support?

* 6. On occasions that the Learning Commons staff could not answer your questions were they able to refer you to the correct person or place for more information?

* 7. If the Learning Commons offered workshops, please check the ones you’d be interested in attending. You can also suggest some.

* 8. What other specific services could the Learning Commons offer to help you succeed in your classes?

* 9. Would you recommend the Learning Commons to a friend or classmate?