1. Virtual World Roadmap Group: The Future Evolution of Virtual World Technology

The purpose of this questionnaire is to illustrate changes that are expected to take place in how businesses and other organizations will use Virtual Worlds. The focus will be on identifying user requirements that once met, will foster broader adoption. We expect these requirements will inform technology and service providers interested in this space and identify areas where cooperation may be required to achieve the intended results.

The survey will be open until midnight Pacific Daylight Time, Sep. 11th. The initial results of this survey will be made available by mid-September 2009. The VW Roadmap will conduct a half-day workshop at the Engage Expo conference (http://www.engageexpo.com/sj2009/). The results of the survey and the output of these workshops will be made freely available at: http://virtualworldsroadmap.wikispaces.com/

This survey and the Virtual World Roadmap is a community-based effort. It is part of the non-profit Contact Consortium (http://www.ccon.org/). As such, your participation in the VW Roadmap initiative is encouraged. Please find additional information at: http://virtualworldsroadmap.blogspot.com/

Any information submitted, including your e-mail address, will not be used for any other purpose.