TV Survey

NCTV18 Challenge and opportunity with Comcast.    In 2019, the Town of Nantucket will be negotiating and renewing its Cable Television License with Comcast. Comcast regulates PEG Stations (required by law at this time), and therefore regulates Nantucket Community Television (NCTV18). To tell you a little about NCTV18— we are structured as a “PEG Channel” (Public, Education & Government channel) that captures and broadcasts public aspects that impact Nantucket. We also provide education in the media arts, and we film local government meetings about Nantucket. All of these programs are available on our local channel 18, as well as on-demand via our website 

NCTV currently receives an annual operating grant from Comcast equal to 3% of Comcast’s Gross Annual Revenues in Nantucket [cable sales only, not internet or telephone]. The law would allow NCTV18 to negotiate an increase in this amount of up to 5% GAR, which for a monthly  Nantucket cable bill [again, exclusive of internet, etc.] of $120, would equate  to an increase of $2.40 per month.  Our needs assessments and our negotiations will determine how much more it will make sense for us to ask from Comcast, but the increase in your cable bill attributable to a negotiated increase in Comcast’s annual operations grant [and exclusive of increases in capital grants] to NCTV18 could never be more than $2.40. 

Please fill out this survey, it will take less than two minutes of your time. Your response will help Nantucket Community Television determine our community’s level of interest in community television broadcast and education in the media arts.

* 1. Are you aware that  NCTV18 is a PEG Channel, your local public access channel focused on Public, Education, Government activity on Nantucket?

* 2. Do you know that you can watch the Board of Selectmen Meetings, Town Meetings and School Committee Meetings LIVE on your local Channel 18 and ON DEMAND and, both produced by NCTV18?

* 3. Did you know that NCTV18 provides education and training in broadcast television and media arts to Nantucket residents?

* 4. In the future, NCTV18 will be offering emergency broadcast services.  What other services would you like to see?

* 5. Are you a Comcast customer?

* 6. Federal law allows for municipalities to support local programming (“PEG”) stations with a surcharge of up to 5%. Are you aware that Comcast currently charges Nantucket customers 3% that in turn supports our local station NCTV?

* 7. In its negotiations with Comcast, NCTV18 will be asking for increases in funding from Comcast. Fund increases can come in the form of either increases in the annual operations grant, expressed as a percentage of Gross Annual Revenues [“GAR’], or as straight line capital grants of sums of money, possibly spread out over several years during the renewal license term, or as both. To improve and expand NCTV18’s coverage of local public, educational and governmental events, how much more per month would you be willing to see your cable bill increase?

* 8. Would you like to watch your local programming in high definition?

* 9. Would you like to be able to view information about local programming in your electronic cable guide?

* 10. NCTV18 and the Town of Nantucket will provide updates on public forums over the next two years prior to the Town’s Comcast renewal in 2019. Your feedback is crucial to secure your local NCTV's future for generations to come. Please make an effort to attend our forums and stay tuned to channel 18 for updates, or visit