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* 1. I am

* 2. My marital status is

* 3. I live

* 4. I use the following social media at minimum once a week

* 5. My animal companions are

* 6. I have used the following services within the last 12 months

* 7. I prefer to use Friends, Co-Workers and/or Neighbours to pet + house sit ?

* 8. YES - I prefer to use friends, co-workers and neighbours vs a professional pet sitter/dog walker because .....

* 9. I am aware of the benefits a Professional Pet Sitter can offer vs friends, co-workers and neighbours ?

Thank you for agreeing to take some time to participate in this survey.

Gold Coast Pet Sitting wishes to reassure you that this is genuine market research and as always your individual survey responses will remain confidential and anonymous at all times. Your survey responses can only be viewed by the owner of Gold Coast Pet Sitting.

SURVEY HONESTY: It is important that you are honest in the answers you provide in surveys. Detecting people who complete surveys dishonestly is something that Gold Coast Pet Sitting (and SurveyMonkey) takes seriously.

Only on completion of the survey (where all compulsory questions have been answered), 25 cents (AUD) will be put aside and donated on your behalf to a registered Gold Coast based charity through Gold Coast Pet Sitting. Donations shall be tallied and the total amount plus charity chosen will be published through our Facebook and Twitter on 20 November 2010.

To help increase the total raised through this survey, please pass the following web address on to others: www.goldcoastpets.com.au/survey

Non Gold Coast residents are allowed to do this survey.

xox Vanessa --- www.goldcoastpets.com.au


Date: 28 September

Current Total Raised (AUD): $5.50


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