We are just finishing off the last bits for our online short course 'Instagram for Business Masterclass'.

The course is designed to get you bringing in sales from your Instagram account and to stop you doing anything that just wastes your time. We've run the course live at our workshops in Stockholm and now want it to be available for you too, wherever you run your business from.

We would really like your help to make sure we have covered everything. Would you mind answering these three questions?

With kindest regards,

Question Title


Question Title

* 1. What do you get out of using Instagram for your business at the moment? What works for you?

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* 2. What don't you get out of using Instagram for business at the moment? What would you like to get from it?

Question Title

* 3. What do you think and feel about Instagram and how it works or doesn't work for your business, in your industry and for you?

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