Driving the NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading initiative is the foundational belief that together we can realize greater outcomes for young children than any of us can produce on our own. Our first step together was to define North Carolina’s Pathways to Grade-Level Reading. What are the whole-child, birth-to-eight Measures of Success that put children on a pathway to grade-level reading?

The Measures of Success Framework was developed by a Data Action Team – composed of 30 experts from North Carolina’s leading universities, research institutes, government agencies, businesses and think tanks – in partnership with the Pathways to Grade-Level Reading stakeholders. That Framework serves as the foundation, with the understanding that Pathways is iterative.

Since then, Learning Teams have been hard at work making sense of the trends, inequities, patterns and connections in the NC data.

They have highlighted 12 measures to be considered for where we collectively first focus our work and move to action. They include: Healthy Birthweight, Early Intervention, Physical Health, Social-Emotional Health, No Child Maltreatment, Social Supports for Families, Positive Parent-Child Interactions, Reading with Children, High Quality Early Care and Education, Grade Promotion, Summer Learning and Attendance.
The Learning Teams have discussed equity, need and connections among the measures.

Another factor to consider is momentum. They need your help to better understand where is there existing energy and work across the state. This survey is designed to begin to map organizations, collaboratives, strategic plans and success stories for each of the indicators. 

All of this information will be brought to you at our next Stakeholder meeting, so that you can make final decisions. Mark your calendars now for March 10! 

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