Welcome to Marshall County - Tell Us Why You Came?

First of all, Welcome to Marshall County - whether you chose to move to Lewisburg, Chapel Hill or Cornersville. We are glad you are here and are humbly asking that you take a few minutes to answer a few questions about your experience since making the move to Marshall County.

* 1. How Did You Find Out About Marshall County? (Please Check Any That Apply)

* 2. Why Did You Decide to Move Here? (Please Check Any that Apply)

* 3. What Has Been Your Experience Since Moving Here? (Check Any That Apply)

* 4. Have You Felt Welcomed to the Community? (Please Check Any That Apply)

* 5. Have You Had A Good Experience With Local Government, Utililties, Chamber of Commerce and Other General Service Agencies and Personnel? (Please Check Any That Apply)

* 6. What is the Best Thing About Your Moving Here?

* 7. What Has Been the Worst Thing About Your Moving Here?

* 8. Would You Be Willing to Talk About Your Experience for a Promotional Video about Marshall County to be used On Social Media?

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* 10. What is Your Preferred Method of Contact?

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