The role of a family caregiver is difficult. Aside from taking care of their loved one, they must also continue to lead their lives, which includes working, caring for family, grocery shopping and a seemingly endless list of potentially stress-inducing responsibilities! Many family caregivers need time to vent in a safe place. Caregiver support groups allow caregivers to have that special time to be with other people who share similar issues.

To help support our employees, St. Johns County is considering sponsoring a voluntary support group for employees in a caregiver role.  If you play the role of a family caregiver and would benefit from a caregiver support group, please take a few moments to complete this survey. The feedback we receive will help us determine the next steps.

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* 1. Thinking about a caregiver support group, which of the following best describes your feelings about it?

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* 2. How likely is it that you would participate in a caregiver support group?