Terms of the Award

David Newsham was an athlete and builder and was instrumental in the development of soccer in Saskatchewan. As an athlete, he participated from 1948 through 1983. His dedication and commitment continued past playing with his contributions in coaching and administrative capacities from the club to the Canadian Soccer Association levels.

The David Newsham Award is awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding volunteer contribution as a coach, official, manager, administrator, or board volunteer that has positively affected the development of soccer on a provincial scale or over the course of
their career in Saskatchewan.

The David Newsham Award may be presented to an individual who in the same year has also been presented with a recognition award in one of the player, coach, official or volunteer categories.

Nominations for the David Newsham Award will be reviewed and winner selected by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association (SSA)’s Awards and Recognition Committee. The SSA may add names to the list of nominations, although preference will be given to nominations submitted by the soccer community.

Volunteer recognition is a vital part of the ongoing programs and activities of the SSA. The soccer community is asked to take the time to think of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to soccer in Saskatchewan so that they can be recognized by the SSA and its membership.

Nominations may originate from a team, coach, manager, referee, club, association, SSA, or the general public, and must be signed by the nominator.
For consideration, nominations must include:
- Nomination Form via survey monkey, or paper submission
- A photo of the 
- At least one supporting letter to further highlight the efforts of the individual

The deadline for receipt of the nomination is December 15th of any given year