Denver Christkindl Market is now accepting applications for the 2016 season!

Would you or your group like to perform at the 2016 Denver Christkindl Market?

Fill out this application by October 31, 2016 to be considered for this year’s lineup! Applicants will be scheduled on an as-available basis.  Please review the Terms & Conditions and note that a signed agreement will be necessary if your performance is selected for this year's lineup.


* 1. Please list your contact information below:

* 2. Please list the name and role of each member of your group.

* 3. Please list the maximum number of performances you or your group would be willing to do at the 2016 Market:

* 4. The Denver Christkindl Market is open from Nov 18 – Dec 23.  Please indicate any and all dates and times (mid-day/evening) you are available if selected to perform:

* 5. Please select a primary category for your performance:

* 6. Are you a Group/Solo Act/Other?

* 7. Please select your target audience (please select as many as necessary):

* 8. Have you performed at the Denver Christkindl Market in the past?

* 9. Performance Fee: