Survey Questions

* First Name

* Maiden Name

* Last Name

* Class Year (if applicable)

* Address

* City

* State

* Zip

* Phone Number

* Email Address

* 1. What is your relationship to Elder? Please check all that apply.

* 2. To what parish or religious community do you belong?

* 3. What are Elder's greatest organizational strengths?

* 4. What do you consider to be Elder's greatest organizational weaknesses?

* 5. What are Elder's greatest opportunities for success in the next 3-5 years?

* 6. Based on your answer to Question 5, what would prevent Elder from achieving these successes?

* 7. Please rate your overall level of satisfaction in these areas:

  Excellent Very Good Above Average Average Below Average
Personal Growth and Development
Faith formation & Campus Ministry (i.e. retreats, liturgy, etc.)
Quality of the academic program at Elder
Christian Service
College Counseling

* 8. If you answered ‘below average’, please explain.

* 9.   Please select three from the following list that you perceive to be the most important elements of an Elder education.

* 10. In your opinion, what is the reputation of Elder in the community?

* 11. If you answered ‘not good’, what are the contributing factors and what should change?

* 12. How do you grade (A-D, with A being the best) Elder’s assertiveness and effectiveness in competing for:

  A B C D
Philanthropic financial support
Strong individuals for key leadership positions

* 13. How well informed do you feel about current issues and Elder’s plans for the future?

* 15. If there were money available to invest in Elder, what would be your top three priorities?

* 14.   If you do not currently provide philanthropic support to Elder, please tell us why you don’t:

* 16. If you identified as an alumnus, please indicate your level of interest for the following alumni events that you would support and attend:

* 17. If you identified as a current donor, please share why you are currently financially supporting Elder.

* 18. Help us determine the best method of communication to reach you. Check all that apply.

* 19. Please check all the communications materials that you currently receive from Elder.

* 20. Please provide any additional feedback you believe is helpful as we consider the future of Elder High School.