Computational modeling and simulation (CM&S) of the human body has the potential to accelerate product development and enhance efficacy and safety of the devices - especially given the ability of CM&S to predict device in vivo performance. Industry adoption of CM&S, however, has been slow due to the lack of resources, expertise, and clinically relevant data. With funding provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other public funding sources, many academic researchers have made great strides in advancing the science and technology in CM&S. The models developed through these funded projects are not always discoverable, accessible, and applicable for industry context of use. Moreover, the potential of making these models qualified as FDA Medical Device Development Tools (MDDT) needs to be realized. In order to bridge this gap, the Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) is leveraging its Public-Private partnership members from industry, NIH and FDA to create a resource of publicly-funded human body computational modeling and simulation models that are prioritized according to industry needs and are publicly accessible. The MDIC aspires to promote credible practices for computational modeling and simulation, and provide access to credible models along with all associated metadata for future MDDT submissions.
As part of the critical input collection for this project, the MDIC steering committee is requesting your human body CM&S needs. Your input to the following needs assessment along with those from other industry members will be aggregated and prioritized for this effort.
Thank you very much for your time and commitment to advancing the field of CM&S for medical devices.  

Best regards, 
MDIC CM&S Steering Committee