* 1. Were you previously aware of the Interactive Resource Center?

* 2. Looking at the website (http://irc.igd.cornell.edu), what is your opinion of the page layout (check all answers that apply)

* 3. Which of the available resources do you feel are especially important? Check all that apply:

* 4. Regarding the browser (netscape, mozilla, safari, explorer) you are using. Do you see:

* 5. Regarding the kind of information on the website:

* 6. Do you think additional tutorials would be a useful resource?
If yes, on what topics?

* 7. Would you like to see detailed protocols for lab-related procedures such as how to design primers, how to clone PCR fragments, how to perform nucleotide/protein database searches, etc.?

* 8. Would you use a place for posting questions and comments to other website users?

* 9. Please tell us what is missing from the Resource Center, or give any general comments you have:

* 10. Can we contact you for clarification?