The Club is seeking your feedback on the hospitality received over the last 3 months.  Please rate your experience on a scale of 1 through to 10.  1 being strongly disagree, 10 being strongly agree.

* 1. Serving size is as I would expect

* 2. The food quality is high

* 3. The consistency is high

* 4. There is a good variety on the menu to select from

* 5. The food is good value for money

* 6. The food is a similar price to what you would receive from other local quality venues such as local upmarket pubs

* 7. My account (Kounta) is always 100 % Accurate

* 8. The beverages are reasonably priced

* 9. The bar service is excellent and I am serviced in a reasonable time frame

* 10. The food service is always timely (I am never waiting longer than I should be for my meal

* 11. Please provide your name if you wish to go into the draw to win a $100 Camperdown Dairy Prize