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The Department of Labor's proposed rules will:
- Prevent your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and neighbors from working on a farm
- Eliminate the opportunity for our youth to learn essential skills through 4-H, FFA, and cooperative extension training and certification programs
- Restrict common farm-related tasks like operating a tractor, using on-farm power tools, and cleaning out stalls with a hose


We are asking you to share your story of life on your farm by submitting comments below. Add information specific to your farm with personal examples of how you and your children have learned important life skills from working on the farm. We will share your stories and comments about this issue with members of the Ohio Congressional delegation and Department of Labor as well as submit your comments to the keepfamiliesfarming.com website.

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* 1. Why do you think family farms are important and how have you and your children benefited from living and/or working on the farm?