* 1. On the last day of school, the Advisor-Advisee program will come to an end unless renogotiated. I am sending out a nonbinding survey in order to obtain some feedback It will be anonymous. I really appreciate your time in filling it out. If you could complete this by June 12, that would be great.


The class met 13 times this year. Do you think this was an adequate amount of time?

* 2. The class met during Power Block. Do you think that is the best time for the program?

* 3. If we had a revote, it might be better to create its own period out of academic minutes. Do you agree?

* 4. You were allowed to leave at approximately 2:05 13 times per year as a perk for implementing the program. Did you take advantage of this?

* 5. Would you prefer to have a different perk one time per year of receiving a half day of 'comp' time if it could be renegotiated?

* 6. Were there any lessons that you think should be definitely be repeated?

* 7. Were there any lessons that you would eliminate?

* 8. Is there any other feedback that you would like to give in regards to the program?