* 1. How often do you use the HFP Library?

* 2. Are you able to find resources in the library for your class?

* 3. Is the library environment conductive for learning?

* 4. Do you receive knowledgeable assistance from the Library staff?

* 5. Do you use online retrieval resources for assignments?

* 6. Do you use information literacy to enhance your instructions?

* 7. Do you use Sigi for Student career development?

* 8. How often do you use the Microfilm/Microfiche collections?

* 9. Do you find the Sweeney Collection useful for research?

* 10. Does library photo-coping and computer printing meet your printing needs?

* 11. Do you assist in weeding the library's collection in your area?

* 12. How often do you use Inter-library Loan and resource sharing with Memphis Area Libraries?

* 13. Are the library's hours convenient?

* 14. How often do you place materials on reserve?

* 15. How often do you use the periodical collection?

* 16. Will the addition of any social media in the library enhance student learning?