* 1. First and last name, including any titles (Mrs., Rev., Etc.)

* 2. Email address:

* 5. Describe your ministry in 2-3 words.  Examples: traditional parish ministry, hospice chaplaincy, youth ministry, healthcare advocate, homeless ministries, etc.

* 7. If you were looking back to the pastor you were right out of seminary what would you tell him/her is essential for continuing in faithful imagination and leadership of the people of God?

 (or...if you are newly out of seminary)

Five years from now what would you tell yourself is essential for growth, imagination and faithfulness to your call as a faith leader?

* 8. If the church is to answer its call to be salt of the earth and light of the world, what kind of leaders are needed and what do those leaders most need in order to lead faithfully and well?

* 9. What has been most difficult about your journey in the parish?

* 10. When have you felt sponsored to live out your call as prophetic and pastoral leaders for the church and world?