A Letter From Dusty

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out our survey recently. Let’s do it again!

Even though we are not physically together right now, we want to continue to plan and dream about God’s preferred future for us together. Your input, wisdom, experience, and discernment is extremely valuable for the Campus faith community.

There are only two questions on this survey. Please take a moment to prayerfully respond. God is up to something church! And we are going to join Him on the adventure!

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* 1. First & Last Name

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* 2. We need your help brainstorming creative ways of engaging with friends, neighbors, and co-workers during this season. Would you please take a moment to tell us about what you have done or are intending to do?

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* 3. Let’s dream a little bit together. What seemingly impossible dream do you have for Campus Church? Who knows? Maybe your brothers and sisters are dreaming the same thing!

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