1. Pre-Workshop Survey for Financial Planning

As we would like to present the most informative workshop for you, please help us help you by letting us know what are the main issues you are dealing with and need support for when working with your clients.

* 1. Have you ever participated in a financial education seminar to better assist your clients such as when making a safety plan or budget?

* 2. How often do you feel financial situations cause your clients to return back to their abusive situation?

* 3. What are the most prevalent financial issues you see when working with clients before and after they have left the abusive environment?

* 4. How knowledgeable do you feel when discussing personal finances with your clients?

* 5. What medium do you feel would be most effective for your clients regarding financial education and empowerment?

* 6. Do you currently have any of these resources available to you?

* 7. Are you currently partnered with a Financial Professional?

* 8. Do you work with a Financial Professional yourself?

* 9. Are there any specific topics you would like to see covered in this webinar?