* What is the one problem you most want solved?

* If you were to have me all to yourself, what are the 3 biggest challengers you want me to solve with you?

* What areas of your life are you most wanting to improve with coaching and how is not improving this problem for you?

* What family relationship problem would you most want resolved and what would it be like to have love, peace, respect and joy in that relationship?

* What are your 3 biggest work relationships problems?
What would it be like if they were resolved. Why?

* How much would you invest to get that result and have that issue gone?

* What is your preferred opportunity for coaching to success
and why?
1. Massage and coaching at the same time, for 1 hour
2. Coaching 1:1, 2 hours, 1 area of life & gets you results
3. Coaching 1:1, 5 hours, 1 area of life
4. Coaching 1:1, 3 hours over the phone day time/night time
5. Coaching in a small VIP group
6. Coaching 1:1, Private Platinum 90 days Coaching to Results

* Would you like to add any comment/question?