Thank you for taking this survey!

As a congregation, we have determined what we want UUCM to be. It is expressed in our Values, Mission, and Ends, adopted in May, 2017, which are included below for your review before the survey questions begin. The Ends are divided into three categories (Within our own selves, Among the congregation, and Beyond our walls). You will see that many of the survey questions are organized under these three categories. Questions  asking "In the past year" refer to the Church year from June 2019 through May 2020.

This survey is a crucial tool to help the Board evaluate to what degree UUCM is living its Values, fulfilling its Mission, and accomplishing its Ends. We sincerely appreciate your time and effort in taking it. The overall results of the survey will be shared with the whole congregation. However, individual comments you make will ONLY be shared with the Board and, if appropriate, the Minister. The comments the Minister receives will have identifying information removed for your privacy unless you indicate permission at the end of the survey. If you would like the Board to act on or respond to your comments please leave your contact information and permission at the end of the survey.