1. Should Plastic Carrier Bags be Taxed?

The vast majority of carrier bags (plastic OR paper!) given out free by shops are then used only once, which is very wasteful and polluting (paper is just as bad as plastic - but for different reasons!). Ireland recently introduced a PLASTAX - an environmental levy on every plastic bag handed out. This means that Shoppers are charged approximately 10 pence for every new plastic bag that they need. The PLASTAX, which has been warmly welcomed by shops and shoppers alike, has been extraordinarily effective, and has cut down the waste and pollution by more than 95% . Most Northern European countries also do not allow free plastic carrier bags to be given out by shops. Do you think that the UK should follow Ireland's lead? Do you think that Faringdon should lead the way in this? We welcome your opinions!

* 1. Although anonymous responses are welcomed, it would be much more useful if you do give contact details.

* 2. As a Retailer in Faringdon - Are you in favour of initiatives that will reduce single-use Carrier Bags?

* 3. Should Faringdon take the lead, with Faringdon Retailers asking consumers for a small charge for carrier bags?

* 4. If YES to the previous question, what do you think an appropriate charge would be?

* 5. Should this charge be made Voluntary or Compulsory?

* 6. Do you at present give away free carrier bags?

* 7. How can we ensure that this campaign is successful?

* 8. Do you want to be contacted about this, to discuss the issues and proposed actions further?

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