Information Statement

In your work as a paramedic or prehospital care provider, have you ever been in a situation where you have felt conflicted as to what you ought to do? Then this is the survey for you!

My name is Kirsty Shearer and I am conducting this research as part of my PhD, supervised by AProf Matthew Thomas (CQUniversity Australia), Prof Tania Signal (CQUniversity Australia), and AProf Nikola Stepanov (Queensland Integrity Commissioner). 

Rationale for the research
To date, there has been no investigation into the ethical dilemmas faced by Australian paramedics; how we manage them; or how we might improve our education and training to support the situations we encounter in our professional practice.

The purpose of this research
The objective of this survey is to explore and document what education prehospital care workers have received regarding ethics; the ethical dilemmas encountered by contemporary Australian prehospital care workers; and to identify how prehospital care workers manage such dilemmas.

Possible benefits
Participating in this research will inform initiatives to enhance education in ethics for prehospital care workers to support your practice.

What does this research involve?
This survey contains a series of questions asking about your clinical experience; your education in ethics; your experience of ethical dilemmas in practice (and how you manage them); as well as some questions about you, such as your age range.

How much time will this research take?
The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Will this research cause me any inconvenience/discomfort?
Some questions in this survey do ask about ethical dilemmas you have experienced in your work as a prehospital care worker, and may raise feelings of discomfort. Should this happen to you, please seek assistance by:
  • contacting your organisation's Peer Support Network, or
  • contacting support helplines such as Lifeline on 13 11 14

Can I withdraw from the research?
Yes, you can withdraw from the research at any stage of the survey, simply by closing the browser. This study is voluntary and you are under no obligation to participate. There are no disadvantages, penalties or adverse consequences for not participating or for withdrawing prematurely from the research. Incomplete surveys will not be included in the study.

Your confidentiality will be preserved in this project a number of ways: administrative access of creating/editing survey questions is limited to those researchers involved with the project; the survey will collect anonymous data for the researchers to access for the results; only myself and my supervisors will have access to the information provided in the survey. If you wish to nominate for further phases of this study, or the participation prize draw, you will be taken to a separate link where your details can be entered.