Tea Tree Grower Levy Survey

Grower feedback - Tea Tree Levy and R&D Priorities 2017-2021

In 2015, the Australian Government agreed to support tea tree research and development (R&D) by providing $125,000 a year (for two years initially) to the existing Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) managed program.

This funding is dependent on two things:

1.        A case is made to Government that additional R&D funds are needed to help grow the Australian Tea Tree industry, and

2.       Tea Tree Growers agree to start paying a compulsory R&D levy to ensure longer term sustainability of industry R&D.

As part of the development of a submission to the Australian government, and in order to feed in to the development of a new 5 Year Tea Tree R&D Plan 2017-21, ATTIA would like to understand your view – as a Grower of Tea Tree – of the research needs of the Australian Tea Tree industry.

After consultation with the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources - Levy Revenue Service ATTIA has commenced a four month consultation period, as of 7 March 2016. The consultation period will continue until 30 Jun 2016. A 4-page fact sheet titled ‘A Proposed Tea Tree Levy’ can be downloaded HERE and more information and other downloads are available from the ATTIA Website HERE.

We thank you for your time and involvement in this important step in the process to secure the future of the Australian Tea Tree industry.

This survey should take you approximately 4 minutes to complete.

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