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* 1. The "standard" of alcoholic beverage equivalents (one 12oz beer = one 5oz glass of wine = one 'shot' of vodka) is based on the wine being what percent alcohol?

* 2. I generally check the label to find the alcohol percentage of a wine before I purchase it, True or False?

* 3. It has been claimed that over the last 20 years, alcohol levels have been on the rise in some wine regions

  Strongly disagree Disagree Agree Strongly agree
Alcohol is on the rise

* 4. Wines with higher alcohol levels tend to receive

* 5. Higher alcohol in wine is usually the result of:

* 6. In general, higher alcohol wines are meant to:

* 7. A wine is considered to be "high alcohol" if it is over:

* 8. Please rate the following qualities of your ideal red wine

  I'll pass on that OK, if someone else is buying I like on occassion Must have
Rich & Full bodied
Refreshing (mouthwatering acidity)
Mouth Drying (tannic)

* 9. If you are dining out and know you have to drive home, do you consider the alcoholic strength of the wine you purchase?