On February 15 -16, the SNA Public Policy and Legislation Committee (PPL) will meet to draft the Association’s 2017 Position Paper. The Position Paper reflects the Association's top legislative/regulatory priorities and will serve as the roadmap for SNA's 2017 advocacy efforts. SNA and members will advocate for these positions to Congress, USDA and the Administration during the 2017 Legislative Action Conference's (LAC) Charge to the Hill and throughout the year.

To better ensure your voice is heard, we are asking for your feedback.
The following issues have been identified as presenting challenges to school nutrition programs through SNA research, feedback  from state legislative chairs and discussions with members.

  • Threat of Block Grant Funding:  Oppose efforts to change the funding model for NSLP and SBP to state block grants
  • Breakfast Commodities: Funding for USDA Foods for School Breakfast Program
  • Community Eligibility Provision:  Oppose raising the threshold for CEP calculations
  • Lack of Funding or Support for Equipment
  • Fruit and Vegetable Mandate: Allow SFAs to decide whether students must take a half cup
  • Increased Funding: Increase per meal reimbursement by 35 cents for both lunch and breakfast
  • Nutrition Education in the Classroom
  • Paid Lunch Equity: Exempt SFAs with a positive fund balance
  • Simplification of Programs, Regulations & Overall Requirements:  Support efforts to streamline program requirements and reduce administrative reporting
  • Sodium: Maintain Target 1 limits and suspend further targets
  • Smart Snacks: Allow items sold with meals to be sold a la carte at any time
  • Whole Grains: Restore mandate that half of grains offered be whole grain rich
  • Other:  Please specify

* 2. If there are any other advocacy related topics or issues you would like the PPL committee to consider as they write the 2017 Position Paper, please share those comments in the following space.