1. Northeastion Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) Fee Credit Program Awareness

* 1. How much is your monthly NEORSD stormwater management program fee?

Property owners can reduce their NEORSD stormwater management program fees by reducing impervious surfaces such as parking lots on their properties. Additionally, NEORSD offers stormwater management program fee credits to residents, businesses, and institutional properties for installing stormwater control measures and rainwater harvesting. Property owners can receive stormwater quality credits of up to 25% and stormwater quantity credits of up to 75%. Stormwater credits vary based on the method by which stormwater runoff discharge rates are managed, the degree to which stormwater runoff volumes are reduced, and the effectiveness of different stormwater control measures for removing pollutants. Credits are only applied to impervious areas that drain to a stormwater control measure. Both new and existing stormwater control measures are eligible for NEORSD stormwater management program fee credits.

* 2. Has your organization applied for a stormwater management program fee credit from NEORSD?

* 3. If you have applied for credit, did you receive it?

* 4. If you haven’t applied for credit, why not?

* 5. Stormwater control measures can reduce your stormwater fee, however implementing them on a property requires financial resources. What is an acceptable period of time for you to recoup your initial investment for design and construction expenses?

* 6. If a third party wanted to install a stormwater control measure on your property at no cost to you except for long-term maintenance, would you consider this?