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1. Was this your first time at Bingemans Camping Resort?

2. How did you hear about Bingemans Camping Resort?

3. How did you book your reservation?

4. What month did you visit us?

5. In addition to camping at Bingemans, what other amenities did you use?

6. Overall, how would you rate your experience?

7. How would you rate the cleanliness / tidiness of our property?

  Unacceptable Less than Satisfactory Satisfactory More than Satisfactory Excellent
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8. How would you rate the staff that you dealt with during your stay?

  Not very helpful or friendly at all Somewhat helpful and friendly Helpful and friendly Quite helpful and friendly Very helpful and very friendly
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9. Would you say that Bingemans Camping Resort is good value for your money?

10. Would you recommend Bingemans Camping Resort to friends and family?

11. How can we serve you better?

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