Hit Dead Boat Rule


Since it's inception RCU has included a rule against hitting a called dead boat.  The penalty for hitting a called dead boat is a $75 fine and exclusion from racing in that class for the rest of the event.  Several questions have been raised about this rule.  The $75 fine was established in the 1970's.  In today's dollars, the equivalent is closer to $250.  Some contacts with a dead boat have resulted in no damage to the hit boat.  Should the penalties apply when the hit boat is not damaged at all.  This survey is designed to solicit input from RCU membership.  The Board would like member opinion on what should be done with the rule.
1.What should be the fine for hitting a dead boat?
2.If the hit boat only sustains minor damage and can continue to race what should the penalty be for the driver that hit the boat?
3.If the hit boat sustains substantial damage and cannot continue what should the penalty be for the driver who hit the boat?
4.Who should determine whether the hit boat can continue?