1. General Information

* 1. Please tell us your gender:

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. How often do you eat out at a restaurant (including fast food)?

* 4. What is the biggest reason you eat out rather than cooking at home (check all that apply)?

* 5. Approximately what percentage of the time do you eat healthy meals and foods?

* 6. How long have you currently been eating a healthier diet or working to improve your diet?

* 7. Please rate how healthy your diet is on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being least healthy, 10 being most healthy:

* 8. How often do you cook the following meals at home, on average?

  Never 1-2 times per week 3-4 times per week 5-6 times per week Every day

* 9. When you eat at home, which of the following healthy shortcuts do you use, if any (please select all that apply)?

* 10. Do you have a favorite healthy go-to meal that you tend to make again and again because it's quick and tasty? Please share!

* 11. When you grocery shop, please check all of these habits that apply to you:

* 12. When you are watching your diet or trying to lose weight, do you make the same or different meals for the rest of your household?

* 13. Where do you find most of your recipes?

* 14. Please share some of the magazines, websites, blogs, and cookbooks you turn to for recipe and meal inspiration.

* 15. At which supermarket do you shop MOST often?

* 16. Where else do you purchase food? Check all that apply.

* 17. Do you have children who currently live in your home: