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Who is the ‘DigiNomad’?

Thank you for the willingness to fill in this question list. I hope you can enjoy a little bit too. At least it will help a lot in the continuing process of my graduation project. If you wish I of course will send you the structured results of all the question lists I receive in which anonymity will be guaranteed. And a digital copy of the thesis I am writing right now (when it is finished of course).
With the answers of this list I like to create a fictive DigiNomads ID per DigiNomad. This document will not only state the personal characteristics normally described in a passport but also specifications of travel rhythms, luggage, places, distances, etc…….. A report of a DigiNomads lifestyle. This list of questions is meant to form my image of the DigiNomad. If there is any other question you do not like to answer for whatever reason or if you don’t know an appropriate answer, maybe you could try to explain why. In the end I hope to find out what the status of the DigiNomad is right now?

I thank you a lot for all your help,

Janine Toussaint