Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

We use your feedback to help us constantly improve our services.


* 1. Patient information

  Yes No N/A
I received the patient information in a timely manner.
The patient information was easy to understand.
The information was presented clearly.
The instructions were easy to follow.
I had to contact the MacMurray Centre for clarification on some points.

* 2. Facilities

  Yes No N/A
The MacMurray Centre was easy to find.
There was parking available in the carpark.
The carpark and gardens were neat and tidy.
Inside was clean and tidy.
The reception area was comfortable.
The pre-op room was comfortable.
The recovery area was comfortable.

* 3. The admitting process

  Yes No N/A
I waited for less than 15 minutes before being admitted.
The nurse introduced theirself and explained that they were taking me through to be admitted.
I was adequately informed when I signed my consent form.
I was given the opportunity to ask questions.
I was given clear instructions when asked to get changed.
I felt put at ease.

* 4. The procedure

  Yes No N/A
I was introduced to all of the people in the theater.
I was adequately sedated.
I was comfortable throughout the procedure.
If you did experience discomfort, was this addressed by the nurses at the time?
Did you feel you were treated with respect and dignity?

* 5. Recovery

  Yes No N/A
Did you find the recovery bed comfortable?
Were you given adequate time to rest?
Were you offered something to eat and drink?
Did the Doctor talk to you about your procedure?
Were any questions you had answered at the time?
Were you given a copy of your endoscopy report?
Were you informed of your follow up process?

* 6. Staff

  Perfect Good Okay Bad N/A
How did you find the overall service given to you by reception staff?
How did you find the overall service given to you by the nurses?
How did you find the overall service from your Doctor?

* 7. Cultural Needs

  Yes No N/A
My cultural needs were respected by the staff.

* 8. Is there anything else that you would like to add that will help us improve our service?