Welcome to the TAFISA Licensing Application Form

Thank you for your interest in obtaining TAFISA Licensing for your program or event. TAFISA’s goal is to support international members in good standing, who are providing a platform for people within their community to enjoy and promote the benefits of Sport for All. Programs and events can include but are not limited to, conferences, congresses, campaigns, projects, or festivals, among others.

For the TAFISA Board of Directors to approve an application for Licensing, this form must be completed and submitted no later than 4 months prior to the start date of the program or event.

The application process will take approximately 30-90 days from the date of receipt of the application until it is approved or rejected. The application process is as follows:
  • Application for TAFISA Licensing received from TAFISA Member (no later than 4 months prior to the date of the event)
  • Review by the TAFISA office (including potential requests for clarification or details)
  • Review and approval or rejection by the TAFISA Board of Directors
  • Letter of approval or rejection provided to the TAFISA Member
  • Assuming approval, TAFISA will share the logo, links to share promotional and photo/video content, and a link to the Reporting Form.

Before proceeding with the application for TAFISA Licensing, please make sure to read the TAFISA Licensed Sport for All Program and Event Guidelines to ensure your event complies with the requirements.

Please feel free to contact the TAFISA Office with any questions during the application process at info@tafisa.org.