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* 1. I am a

* 2. Which is not example of an Internet Browser?

* 3. To do an image search you must enter "image" when typing the subject matter?

* 4. Where is the Address bar in relation to the Search bar?

* 5. A hyperlink is

* 6. When sending an email to a group of people who do not know each other you should use which function?

* 7. To send an image in the Body of the message you would

* 8. What does the file extension .jpg represent?

* 11. Please rate the following statements:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
The instructor is organized.
The instructor explains concepts clearly.
The instructor is patient and assists me when I have difficulties.
The instructor makes sure I understand the topic before moving on.
The instructor provides enough practice and feedback.
The instructor makes the class enjoyable.

* 12. How are you using the skills that you learned in this class?

* 13. What topics are you interested in hearing more about? Any additional comments.

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