Question Title

* 1. Should The Weekly Brief: Mexico include...?

  No need Nice to have, but not critical Yes, but not in every edition Yes, must have
An intro summary of the top news
A list of upcoming events
A chart or graphic on market trends
An editorial section
A searchable archive of past Briefs
A section for reader comments

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* 2. If The Weekly Brief: Mexico included...?

  I would never read it I would rarely read it No opinion I would usually read it I would always read it
International issues that affect Mexico
Metadata on who is reading what
Announcements of new regulations
Energy Narrative comments on the news

Question Title

* 3. If we launched another Weekly Brief about...?

  We would never subscribe Could be interesting - show me a sample  Others in my company could use it I would subscribe in a heartbeat
North American Integration (US/CAN/MX cross-border policy, infrastructure, and trade)
the Caribbean
Central America
Sub-Saharan Africa