* 1. Who was the class Instructor?

* 2. How did you find out about this class?

* 3. Class Evaluation

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
The course matched the class description
The course registration was straightforward
The pre-course information was helpful
The location and/or facility was conductive to my experience
The amenities inside the facility were clean and comfortable
The Facilitator was very helpful and professional
My expectations were met for this course
The Instructor was knowledgeable in the course content
The instructor presented in an organized and clear fashion
The instructor was very helpful and professional
I would recommend this class to a friend

* 4. What stands out as a personal highlight from the class?

* 5. Did you face any challenges during the class? What were they?

* 6. Any suggestions you have to make the class better in the future?

* 7. Any suggestions for class topics?