Mahalo for participating in the computer class. Your honest feedback is greatly appreciated.

* 1. I am a

* 2. PowerPoint is best described as 

* 3. Which of the following are slide layouts? 

* 4. In creating a new slide you choose a  

* 5. Graphics can be placed

* 6. To move a text placeholder, you

* 7. You can re-arrange slides in

* 8. Using a custom animation effect, how do you make text appear on a slide letter by letter? 

* 9. During a slide show, pressing the Esc key

* 10. The Apply Design Template command is used to

* 11. Which key do you press to go into Slide Show view and always start on the first slide? 

* 14. Please rate the following statements:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
The instructor is organized.
The instructor explains concepts clearly.
The instructor is patient and assists me when I have difficulties.
The instructor makes sure I understand the topic before moving on.
The instructor provides enough practice and feedback.
The instructor makes the class enjoyable.
The material in the course is worthwhile.
The facilities at this location are clean.

* 15. How are you using the skills that you learned in this class?

* 16. How are you using the skills that you learned in class?

* 17. Which projects/lessons were most useful? Why?

* 18. Would you take this course again?

* 19. Would you recommend this course to others?

* 20. How was the air temperature?

* 21. How do you get to the facility?

* 22. Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience at this facility?

* 23. What topics are you interested in hearing more about? Any additional comments.

* 24. If you answered Dissatisfied or Very dissatisfied to any of the above, please provide additional information so we can help to improve the situation. Mahalo for your kokua!