1. OCBA Web Site Membership Directory Form

On July 6, we launched an all new Oneida County Bar Association Web Site: www.oneidacountybar.org. The site includes a host of new resources, including an ONLINE MEMBER DIRECTORY. Each member will be able to list up to FIVE (5) categories of law that they practice in. Visitors to the web site are able to pull up a list of all members who practice in each area of law (i.e estates, Family Court, etc).

The following form is being be used to insure that we have accurate information for your listing, including your email address, telephone and fax numbers, firm name and address, web site, and areas of law within which you practice. Please complete the following form as soon as possible to ensure your inclusdion in the member directory.

* 1. Do you want your name included in the online directory? (Only those members who specifically request NOT to be included will be excluded.)

* 2. Please enter the Following: (Please use upper and lower case)

* 3. Please Enter:

* 4. Please check your top five (5) areas of practice: (Note: If more than 5 areas are checked, only the first five will be listed.)

* 5. Is there another area of practice that we have missed and you want added? If so, propose it here:

* 6. We hope to make the new OCBA web site more useful to Oneida County attorneys. Please suggest internet links and other resources or information you would like to see added to the web site.