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Namaste & ALOHA! ~ Thanks so much for taking a few moments to get some answers straight. How ARE you? In fact I REALLY want to know this time. You can choose to remain anonymous, or use your initials. if you'd like to network with me, please add your EMAIL and WEBSITE at the end. THANKS so much.

So many people ask you how you are, without really wanting to hear the details. but today you get a chance to write an essay, or just a brief rant, vent, or wistful response. I wanna hear it ALL!! Give me your TMI - lol

Why? What will I do with this information?  I am shaping an Online Home Study Course for people like you, and I want to shape it to YOUR ACTUAL NEEDS, not just the material I already know (and love to share).

You can help me help you better! With everyone's responses, I am creating an evergreen Course that you will be able to access at your own pace, optionally discuss your process with a support group, and interact with me, too. In our growing Virtual world, it's so much easier now to share powerful information via live webinars, group phone calls, study groups, and take time to connect with convenience, effective efficiency, and grace. Let's do it!

Please join me on the journey towards better health, by telling me exactly what's really UP for you these days, so I can cut to the chase and offer the best of my encyclopedia of resources. I am compiling my research, personal experience & training just for you, from over 35 years in the healing & performing arts. 

Thanks once again for completing the Survey, it will never be published, it's for my eyes ONLY, and I am so deeply appreciative of your candid remarks, with or without your signature!

Warmly, Marci Javril
Optional: help Name this Course - working title "Become Your Own Healer" School - your suggestions are taken seriously. Big Prize to the one who knocks my sox off - lol - xomj

* 1. What is the Number One Health concern you have right now in your life? specifically... body, mind, emotional, spiritual, sexual ...?

* 2. Are you working with a Primary Health Care Provider or Specialized Therapist on this issue? have you ever paid for professional help, and did it work, or not? 

* 3. What are some of the personal health habits you've been told would help, and are you doing them? if not, why, or what's interfering with your full participation?

* 4. How many hours/month do you spend going to doctor/health pro office visits? (include travel & waiting room.)

* 5. How much $/month do you spend on vitamins, medicine, supplements, herbs, etc to improve your health?

* 6. How many hours/month do you spend on health improvement: for your body? your mind? your soul? your heart? your sexuality? describe rejuvenative activities in brief.

* 7. If you had a way to spend less time, energy & money getting/staying healthy, how would that change your life?

* 8. How many minutes per day would you be willing to spend, in order to cut your "staying healthy" time$+energy budget by 80% by the end of a month?

* 9. How do you prefer to learn (virtually)? Please check all the ones you enjoy.

* 10. As a "first responder VIP", would you like to receive my first module FREE? with bonuses? Please leave your name, email and website. Or simply leave any final comments you have. Namaste, and ALOHA to everyone getting this far! XOMJ