Sinorock will responsible for your rock anchor buying

Generally,rock anchor consists of anchor head,stop-grouting plug,anchor nut,couplers,bearing plate and accessories.,Sinorock has been the largest producer not only providing versatile drilling solutions but also multi-function anchor bolt,especially meant to self drilling anchor bar,self drilling rock bolt,self drilling hollow anchor bolt and other series of self drilling anchor system.
Rock anchors are designed specifically for soils unfavorable to open-hole drilling. In these environments, conventional micropiles aren't good options, as the looser adjacent soils are subject to movement and instability. To deal with unyielding ground conditions, rock anchors offer an ideal anchor system where cement grout mix is injected through the hollow bar.
Sinorock- By combining innovative design with excellent manufacturing standards, rigid quality management, a competitive pricing policy and an in-depth understanding of the self drilling rock anchor worldwide market, we have developed a range of self drilling rock anchor operated applicators to satisfy application needs from the private to the industrial to the most sophisticated specialist markets.

We'll be responsible for making sure you always have the right product, at the right time.Sinorock regularly analyzes your production schedule, which dictates exactly when you'll need our products.