Changes in confidentiality for patients attending GU/sexual health clinics

Currently there is a specific law which provides confidentiality and anonymity for patients coming to GU/sexual health clinics. It only allows information about you to be shared if this would help treat or prevent the spread of important infections.

It is proposed that this specific law be dropped and replaced by the general rules on confidentiality which already apply to the rest of the NHS (all staff working in the NHS are not allowed to share information about patients except as part of their job).

What would change?
Information that you give at a GU/sexual health clinic may become part of your overall medical notes/health care record and might be seen by other healthcare professionals (unlike at present, where most clinics have separate notes from the rest of the hospital). When registering at the clinic you might be required to provide your real name, date of birth and contact details and this could be linked to your individual NHS number.

We are undertaking a very brief survey to get the views of patients on this possible change.

Completion of this questionnaire is voluntary.

If you choose not to take part in this survey it will not affect the care you receive from the NHS in any way. If you do not wish to take part or you do not want to answer some of the questions, you do not have to give us a reason.

Your answers will be treated in complete confidence and all responses will be completely anonymous.

Please do not write your name or address anywhere on this questionnaire.

Question Title

* 1. Do you agree with the government's proposed change which will lead to the loss of the specific law which protects the extra confidentiality within GU/sexual health clinics?

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* 2. Would losing the specific law covering confidentiality in GU/sexual health clinics make you less likely to attend a GU/sexual health clinic?

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* 3. How important was confidentiality to you in choosing to come to a GU/sexual health clinic?

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* 4. Are you male or female?

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* 5. What is your age?

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* 6. Please enter any other comments you have about this suggested change in the law below.