Pushing the boundaries of flexi-agile work in Hong Kong’s legal industry

Happy International Women’s Day! This year’s IWD campaign theme is #EachforEqual to build a gender equal world.

WILHK’s research piece, “Making the case for flexible and agile working in Hong Kong’s legal industry” was published last year on the cusp of unprecedented times. The report found that implementing more flexible and agile working policies is necessary to attract and retain female talent and makes for more productive, efficient and happier employees. The benefits to working flexibly and agilely are not gender specific, although working mothers are hit doubly hard by not having flexible and agile work arrangements. Flexible and agile working is therefore critical for a gender equal workforce.

Whilst recent events in Hong Kong including the protests and COVID-19 have compelled organisations and employees to adopt flexible and agile working arrangements, we are also cautious that its effectiveness may be discounted or wrongly correlated with external challenges and frustrations. For example, employers are in crisis management mode and employees may experience cabin fever or adapt to remote working in less than ideal circumstances such as prolonged school closures.

Nevertheless, WILHK is confident that this experience presents a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of Hong Kong legal industry’s outdated working practices. WILHK would like to invite YOU to take part in a short survey on your recent experience with flexible and agile working. With your input, we hope to be able to identify the challenges you might have experienced, lessons learned and best practices to promote and encourage the adoption of better flexible and agile working models and ultimately bring about a more gender equal working culture in the Hong Kong legal industry.
We encourage you all to participate in this short survey – men, women, lawyers, non-lawyers, those in private practice, those in-house, and those at other organisations. Provided you work in some capacity in Hong Kong's legal industry, we want to hear from you and we kindly ask you share this survey with your organisations and networks. The greater the participation, the richer the feedback and findings.
Thank you in advance for your time.

Confidentiality and Privacy Statement
Any data you enter in completing the survey is strictly confidential. It will not be used in a way which might identify your department or you as an individual.