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Visceral Podcast is a media platform for sharing stories about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Women, who are pioneering scientific innovation on the African continent, are at the heart of our work. The purpose of Visceral Podcast is to inspire young African women to pursue lifelong career goals in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

The STEM fields include, but are not limited to chemistry, computer and information technology, geosciences, life sciences, physics and astronomy, computer programming, psychology, neuroscience, biochemistry, botany and plant biology, environmental sciences, game technology, genome sciences, immunology, food science, applied mathematics, astrophysics, biometrics, cellular biology, computer engineering, epidemiology, industrial engineering, aerospace, animal physiology, biochemical engineering, engineering physics, evolutionary biology, forestry, genetics, geology, human biology, biostatistics, fisheries sciences, forensic chemistry, actuarial science, animal science.

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