Conference Review Term 1

This survey will help us to plan for future conferences and what we need to do to ensure parents understand the processes and outcomes.

* 1. Conferences ran for 20 minutes. Was this long enough for you to discuss everything you needed to?

* 2. Did you manage to get the day and time you selected?

* 3. Was the process of booking a conference easy?

* 4. Did you clearly understand the Report Template that came home before the conference?

* 5. Students were to play an active role in leading these conferences and setting goals. Do you feel that your child understood their goals and action plan?

* 6. Would you find it helpful if we gave parents ideas before the conference on how they could support learning at home?

* 7. The main aim of the conference was to set a co-constructed learning pathway for your child. Do you feel this was achieved?

* 8. What content was mostly discussed during your conference?