The survey is part of the Swim Ontario Board of Directors’ “Move Us Forward” project. Swim Ontario has contracted Rose Mercier, Maverick Consulting and Steven Norris, iMöbius Ingenuity, Inc. to support this work. Both individuals have a long history in sport and bring expertise in organization development, governance, and athlete development.
The Board believes that this project is important and critical at this time. Rose and Steve have conducted approximately 25 interviews with members in addition to interviews with Swim Ontario staff. The interviews were based on very similar questions to those in the survey and the interview responses were used to help develop the choices you will select from in the survey.
The surveys and the interviews, along with a review of organization documents and a technical program review will be used to help prepare round table discussions and a board workshop which will take place in the spring. Following those events, the project consultants will prepare a comprehensive report with recommendations for the board’s consideration. The board will then present the results at the Swim Ontario’s 2018 Annual General Meeting.
As you fill out the survey you may find it helpful to know something about Swim Ontario’s annual operating revenues:
  • Approximately 25% of the organization’s annual $2 million revenues ($500,000) is funding, the use of which must be agreed to by the funder. At present it is targeted to excellence programs e.g. the Ontario Swim Academy, Ontario Tour Teams and Training Camps, etc.
  • Of that $500,000, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport provides $270,000 which it flows through the Canadian Sport Institute-Ontario.
  • The remaining $230,000 comes to Swim Ontario as Own The Podium (OTP) Next Gen funding which is distributed through, and supplemented by Swimming Canada.
  • Swim Ontario also receives $150,000 in base funding from the Ministry directed primarily to the administration of the organization.
  • Finally, Swim Ontario generates $950,000 through fees, fundraising, lotteries and sales.
Swim Ontario is the governing body of Swimming in Ontario but does not exist in its own world; it is part of a larger universe of interconnected swimming and sport organizations. Swim Ontario is also an aligned partner with Swimming Canada and the targeted excellence community. However, Swim Ontario is the largest of the provincial/territorial swimming organizations with a membership of 126 clubs and their 20,000+ swimmers (up from 6600 in 2004), 8,000 officials, and 1100 coaches. The design of any national programs should consider the impact on this significant of a constituency. One of the outcomes of the project is to enable Swim Ontario to arrive at an in-depth understanding of members’ perspectives and priorities, enabling the Board of Directors to determine the results that Swim Ontario should produce and acceptable boundaries within which the organization should operate.

The survey will take you approximately 15 minutes. Most of the questions require answers before you can leave the page. You can edit your answers if you change your mind during the survey but not once you have pressed submit.