* 1. I am a (choose all that apply)

* 2. This event was worth my time

* 3. My expectations for the food were

* 4. My primary reason for attending this event was

* 5. I enjoyed the Parent Panel

* 6. I enjoyed Temple Grandin's presentation

* 7. I enjoyed the resource fair.

* 8. I plan to get involved in bringing inclusion to my faith community.

* 9. Choose one

* 10. Please add your email here if you would like to be notified about future events around the topic of Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Faith Communities. Also add additional comments here. What did you like/not like about this event? What did you learn? If you don't have time to fully answer this question, please consider sending a separate email when you have time to sglairon@comcast.net. Susan's email is also on the program. She will answer all emails.

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